Tim was able to uses his resources and find other resources to always get the job done. He never stopped working to improve any system he was is and provided support for all processes he worked with. If there was a system to do what needed to be done, he would create a workflow, or in one case built a system from the ground up to get the job done.

From a Co-Worker /

I have worked closely with Tim for the last few years to improve WMSTR organization’s website and social media (Facebook/Twitter/Youtube). Tim has put in endless hours working on video, TV & radio marketing, developing back-end solutions for www.rollag.com and making improvements that will help registration and communication processes for members and administration of our organization. He has been committed to show development and commuted to board meetings to present new ideas on a regular basis. Tim has also spent many hours fixing and improving sound & lighting systems on the show grounds. He has held a constant commitment to the organization since childhood and given massive amounts of time and talent to creating better marketing and processes that will enrich the future of our show.

From a Volunteer /

I have had the plesure to work with Tim in various aspects of business. Tim performed technical support and business consultation both at company's where I have worked and currently for my own company.Tim has the IT knowledge to build and grow a busineess, and the ability to troubleshoot when needed. this combination has always been the foundation for a great relationship. I highly recommend Tim Dachtera.

From a Client /

Tim has a strong work ethic and is driven to perform at a high level. His technical knowledge combined with his business knowledge makes him a valuable contributor to our organization. From his first day with our organization, Tim jumped in with both feet and exceeded our expectations.

From a Co-Worker /

Work History

Technology Consultant

1997 - Current

• Integration of technology into business models for streamlining of processes.
• Experience with open source and custom CRM tools.
• Creates and administer websites and databases, both custom and open-source platform.
• Experienced with PC, Mac and Linux environment.
• Excellent organizational skills including managing time expertly between various projects.
• Consistently learning and implementing new technology and keeping current with trends beneficial to clients.
• Developing a SaaS tool for administration of organizations’ member-data and related tasks.
• Video and Photography Services (Editing, Filming, etc).

BitShift Consulting is a Solutions Provider dedicated to bringing you the best possible services and reliability. With nearly two decades of experience in the industry, the goal is to deliver the best possible service. We specialize in process enhancements, automation of tasks thru existing or new technologies, and an overall streamlining your day to day business from the integration of various technologies.

Skills: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Web Development, Custom CMS, Photo, Video, Aerial Video, Consulting, WordPress, MySQL, PHP, Photoshop, Lightroom, Final Cut, Adobe Premiere, Networking, Hardware

Web Operations Engineer

2009 - Current

• Responsible for building out US based teams for global rollout of new acquisitions and developing scaleable and robust implementation process to survive in a global workspace.
• Responsible for maintenance and development of company-wide data collection processes for data collection from Client's data-sources worldwide; using Kapow Katalyst.
• Provide consulting and support for new Client implementations and advise on ‘best practice’ methods for creating a reliable and efficient workflow.
• Developing a cross-system notification dashboard for centralized notification of for all activities of Client data, overview and per-job status, including automated and ad-hoc reporting tools.
• Utilize Kapow Software to collect and move data from one source to another as needed internally.
• Manage collection of monthly SEO data rankings for Client career sites.
• Provide post-production support for Client website updates, customization and changes.
• Trusted and respected Sr. team members thru multiple mergers and acquisitions.
• Nominee and winner of multiple quarterly awards during tenure.

Skills: Kapow Katalyst, SQL, LAMP, Cloud, HTML, CSS, SVN

Programmer Analyst / Web Developer

2006 - 2009

• Edit and produce video/photo, marketing media and web sites for internal and external contacts.
• Direct day to day support operations for primary insurance applications.
• Responsible for developing and implementing a web based application for quoting and maintaining all policy data to replace an outdated manual processes.
• Entrusted as a technical resource, providing input to management for IT needs.
• Technical Project lead on a major conversion project that affects how the Company manages Client programs.
• Manage time during the day, dividing time between project lead duties, month-end processing for databases, and acting as the Desktop Support representative.

Skills: ASP, SQL, Web Development, ConceptOne, WindowsXP, Support, Systems Administration, Video/Photo Production, Database Support.

Investment Operations

2004 - 2005

• Performed data queries from the brokerage mainframe system based on requests from internal and external clients.
• Provided support within a brokerage production environment.
• Collaborated with team members on project development for new technologies and processes for the company.
• Utilized Microsoft Access heavily in daily duties to provide the information and queries necessary for internal and external clients.
• Facilitated the paperwork and processing of brokerage account transfers in an operational environment.
• Communicated with internal representatives and outside firms regarding transfer statuses and requirements.
• Provided unofficial support for my department as an IT Tech for database issues and basic PC troubleshooting.

Skills: Access, Excel, Sunguard, LAMP, Investment Operations



Capella University

Graduate Spring of 2016 with Honors. Focus on Information Technology


UW-River Falls

Attended courses in pursuit of bachelors degree in Information Technology with programming emphasis.


Stillwater Area High School

Completed requisite courses for high-school graduation

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